KASK Member Survey results – 2016

A typical current KASK member is a male, in their 50’s or 60’s, owns multiple kayaks, paddles regularly throughout the year, typically doing day paddles or weekend paddles and consider themselves to be either of intermediate or advanced skill level.

This is according to our latest member survey from over hundred responses. Here are the complete survey results:

A. The responses

  1. Out of the members who responded, 75% of the members were male.


2. Majority of KASK members (70%) were in their 50’s and 60’s. There was a clear lack of twenty something paddlers in the responses.


3. Most of the KASK members live in the big population centres of Auckland and Canterbury, followed by a sizeable chunks in Wellington, Waikato, Northland, Nelson, Bay of Plenty and Tasman.


4. Over 70% of the respondents admits to having multiple kayaks, with 20% owning five or more kayaks:


5. 80% of the paddlers said they paddle regularly, with 20%  admitting to paddling rarely. We drilled further into respondents who paddle rarely and their responses can be seen under section B – the story below the main results.


6. Most respondents prefer day paddles with friends and family. Nearly half of the respondents also like weekends paddles with overnight camps. Only 25% love expeditions and long distances. Interestingly, only 8% of the KASK members admitted to kayak-fishing paddles.


7. The majority of the KASK member-base rated themselves as intermediate or advanced paddlers. Experienced intermediate paddlers made the bulk (>50%) of the members who responded. 25% of the respondents considers themselves advanced paddlers capable of all sea conditions with or without others!


8. KASK members take rescue practice very seriously – with 85% practising at some stage – most at the beginning of the paddle season. However 15% admitted to never practising their rescue techniques.


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