What’s in the program for me?

Checkout the sessions and instructors confirmed so far:

Meet the Instructors – Instructor profiles and sessions

What we can promise you is:

  • You will be challenged, inspired, stimulated, and encouraged to try new things, harder things. You will not just participate but contribute. There will be opportunity to learn or re-learn from the best, to fine-tune and hone your skills, and try things not just once, but twice.
  • You will get wet! You’ll be on the water and in the water and ‘on your toes’ as you are introduced to different skills under the banner of white stuff, manoeuvres, rolling and rescues. And if you are already a pro at all that, then try some of the alternatives on offer… or help out.
  • You will be surrounded by a bunch of folk like yourself – passionate about and addicted to sea kayaking, all fired up to learn, to share knowledge and skills, to help each other achieve.
  • You will be instructed by or sit at the table and converse with people who have paddled around the odd island or two (the Aleutians or Australia or perhaps Stewart?), camped in bear territory (polar, black, and brown), seal-launched with seals, sweated it out in Mexico or Tahiti…
  • You will have fun; come, make your boat dance and your heart sing.

There will be something for you!

Printable program – coming soon!

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KASK Kayak Fest 2017