International Kayak Week (IKW) 2017

WhereHarataonga Campground, Great Barrier Island.
IMPORTANT NOTE to all paddlers attending IKW. The venue has changed – we will now be based at Akapoua Campsite, NOT Harataonga. This is mainly for reasons of safety, ie ability to access reliable comms for weather forecasts plus more options in differing weather conditions.

When: Tuesday 7/03 – Sunday 12/03

How to get there: Ferry, car ferry from Auckland ((there are no ferries on Monday 6/03y),
or paddle from Ponui Is.  after KayakFest.

Organiser: Martin Morris


International Kayak Week (IKW) is an informal week of paddling that follows the annual KASK event. Last year it was held in the Bay Of Islands (thanks to Paul Hayward & Natasha Romoff who are overcommitted this year) and was a great success.  Everyone got to push their boundaries in some big swells and enjoyed some stunning rock gardening. We were fortunate enough to have some BCU5 coaches along with some local & international legends, so there were plenty of learning opportunities. We are hoping for a similar mix this year! One of the theme’s this year will be rough water rescues – self and assisted, for those who want to grow their confidence in this area.

In February 2016, I led a group of paddlers on a circumnavigation of ‘The Barrier’ so have some recent experience of the area and have been keen to get back to this particular bit of coastline ever since.

Great Barrier Island is a unique venue, which includes some of the best paddling in the world, with a myriad of tunnels, caves, and Wow moments! If the swell gets too big on this exposed east coast, it’s only a half hour drive over to the west coast – perfect! There are other good options including surfing, caving, hiking the coastal trail, mountain biking or just chill’n on the beach.

This event is self catered – provisions are available on the island in the stores at Tryphena & Port Fitzroy.

In keeping with the loosely structured nature of the week, we will keep to established IKW guidelines:

Who should attend:  Intermediate and advanced sea kayakers – anyone with an interest in taking their sea kayaking skills further.

Intermediate = a paddler who is comfortable with winds up to 25 knots / swell up to 1.5 metres, who can maintain a course in wind and current, and is comfortable with self rescues and surf landing)

The program: We will make it up as we go along – in the best IKW style, doing what is possible and safe with the wind, swell and weather forecasts that we have. That’s the only way to do it really – map out the possibilities and go with the best option for each day.

Camping: The campsite at Harataonga is $10/night – you need to make your own bookings online.

Here’s the link for the campsite:


Ferry: Ferries arrive at either Port Fitzroy or Tryphena. It is only a half hours drive from either port to Harataonga.

You need to make your own bookings online. Here’s the link for Sealink ferries fares:


Here’s the link to the Summer timetable:


If you don’t want to take your vehicle to the island and just wheel your kayak onto the ferry at both ports, let me know and I will try to either hook you up with someone taking a vehicle over or arrange a pick up from Tryphena or Port Fitzroy, depending on which ferry you get.

It is a half hours drive from Harataonga to either Port Fitzroy or Tryphena.

Provisions: Provisions can be bought at both Tryphena and Port Fitzroy.

If you are interested in joining us for IKW 2017 please confirm your attendance by the email below or get in touch with any queries:

Email: Martin Morris

Disclaimer: IKW 2017 is not organised by KASK and not an official KASK event – however, KASK support it.