AGM 2018 Minutes

Minutes of the 26th Annual AGM

Sunday 4 Mar 2018 at 8:00AM,  Kayak fest 2018, Wellington


Adrian Walcroft, Aidan Frew, Alan Knowles, Allen Snowsill, Andrew Harding, Bede Crestani, Bevan Walker, Bill Haagh, Bohdan Szymanik, Celia Wade-Brown, Clive Baker, David Cook, David Welch, David Fisher, Diane McKay, Glenda Ray, Greg Theunissen, Jamie Walker, Jill Walcroft, Jim Hawkins, Joanna Joseph, John Scanlon, John Andrews, Kerry Whittaker, Lance Smith, Lindsay Duncan, Natasha Romoff, Noel Pepperell, Nora Flight, Paul Caffyn, Paula Renouf, Pauline Jeffs, Peter Bennett, Peter Brooks, Peter Beadle, Renee Olivier, Robby Benson-Cooper, Robert Brown, Sandy Winterton, Shaun Maclaren, Shelley Stuart, Steve Flack  [Sign-in list]


Motion to adopt the  Minutes of the 2017 AGM (previously circulated electronically to members before the AGM).
Moved and seconded

Motion to adopt the  KASK interim Financial Report 2018 (previously circulated electronically to members before the AGM via web).
Moved and seconded

Motion to adopt the KASK President’s report 2018 (previously circulated electronically to members before the AGM via web).
Moved and seconded

General Business / Matters arising

Tim announced the KASK Handbook web-App – Access the KASK New Zealand Sea Kayaking Handbook material anywhere anytime on any device – access information coming out with the next eNewsletter to all members.

Also reported on the investment in a new CRM System to manage both external partners and members. This is one of the initiatives that came out of the strategy workshop – a system to help us do a better job of managing our relationship with external organisations, our members and clubs. KASK has been donated the licenses it needs (worth $24,000 / year) by

Member initiated motions and submissions

John Andrews brought up the issue of lack of females in committee and whether KASK could benefit from a gender diversity policy for the Committee. With a lot of interesting debate the consensus was that KASK is an inclusive organisation and not enough support for a formal diversity policy given its voluntary status. Paul Caffyn suggested that his recent experience with Poly-tech students confirmed this as the girls refused the suggestion from Paul that there should be two outdoor education grants from his donated funds – (one for male and one for females). Instead the girls wanted just one grant for the best student regardless of sex and they wanted no gender equality.
There was suggestion from several females in the audience that perhaps having a gender diversity policy might be insulting to women, however, there were others who felt that KASK perception could be enhanced by having a statement such as ‘KASK in an inclusive organisation that welcomes diversity’ as part of our mission statement. It was agreed that the new committee will consider discussing the input, though the motions for a formal gender diversity policy for the Committee was withdrawn.

Election of a new president:

Tim formerly stepped down as president after three years of being president.

Shaun Maclaren was nominated for the president by Tim Muhundan, it was seconded by Dave Welch, Rob Brown, Steve Flack and others. Shaun was voted in unopposed. Shaun accepted the presidency.

New committee members:

Nine of the current committee (

Noel Peperell was nominated by Shaun Maclaren and was seconded by Tim Muhundan, Peter Brooks, Rob Brown and others. Noel accepted the nomination and we welcome Noel to the committee.

There was discussion about committee members and their roles and Renee suggested that KASK web site should have more information about the individual roles. Tim explained the KASK constitution about formal roles and how members can be nominated and accepted into the committee at any time and there are no restriction in the constitution as to the number or allocated positions.

Next KASK Event – Kayakfest 2020

Shaun Maclaren presented a proposal to have the next event KASK Kayakfest

Venue: Urupukapuka, Bay of Islands
Dates: Thurs 6 Feb – Sun 9 Feb 2020

There were concerns about the capacity and KASK members registering late missing out and Shaun registering early to avoid disappointment – but reassured the event will be scalable with adjacent bay bookable. Shaun also added that despite the holiday (Waitangi 2020) weekend, there will be no issue with lack of camping spots by early commitment by the event team of the venue nearly two years in advance.

The proposal for the 2020 event (as well as not having a formal KASK event in 2019) was moved and seconded.

Meeting closed.